February 12

The Best and Cheapest Bi-Sexual Adult DVDs Source!

I just wanted to give a big shoutout to the best and cheapest porn dvd sources on the INTERNETZ!

Adult Force One!

They have the best collection of bi-sexual adult dvds I've seen, coming from the biggest names in Porn industries.

They've got Brazzers, Evil angel, Naughty America, and even the new Digital Playground DVDs.

Here are some of their SIZZLIN' dvd you can start ordering now!

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February 09

Top Bisexual Porn Sites Rated!


Being straight or gay automatically cuts in half the number of people you can have sex with, but being bisexual means you can bang just about anyone. The performers on Bi Maxx take full advantage of this and fool around with all the guys and gals they can get their hands on.

BiMaxx brings you scenes in which groups of three or more go at it for both your pleasure and their own. In most cases, we find two guys and a girl getting it on and the men spend just as much time pleasuring each other as they do the woman. However, there are also bigger group affairs with multiple guys and gals all fooling around.

There are presently 287 videos to enjoy and they can be streamed and downloaded in MP4 formats. The movies aren't all in the same quality, but you'll be pleased to hear that many of them are in Full HD. Some are posted in parts, but others come in full-length versions.

The scenes are scripted, but they aren't in English, so those written descriptions really come in handy because there aren't any subtitles to clarify what's being said. Despite this, it's easy enough to understand what's going on and the lack of English doesn't take anything away from the hot sex that plays out on screen.


source - RabbitReviews.com

Naughty Bi

It says it right there in the sitename. Naughty Bi is a site featuring bisexual action, which means you will see girls fucking guys, guys fucking girls, guys fucking guys and any other combination you can think of.

You might wonder why I didn't mention girl-on-girl action in my intro. Well, although that would totally work in these scenes, I only saw one video that had more than one girl in it. The rest all feature one chick and two or more dudes.

There wasn't much of a setup or preamble in the ones I checked out. The scenes started up and within no time at all there were cocks being sucked and pussies and asses being fucked by dicks and strapons. The vids I watched all ended with the guys jerking off their loads on the babe's face, mouth and/or chest.

There are 88 movies and each is represented by a nice thumbnail that gives you a good look at all the participants, which makes picking a scene to watch very simple. Once you select one you will have the option to stream it in an embedded player or you can also go ahead and download it as agreat-quality MP4 file. There aren't any photos sets.


source - RabbitReviews.com

Your Bi Fantasy

Some guys aren't sure if they're bi, but they like to play with dildos or have their partners fuck them with a strapon. Others prefer to just talk about their desires rather than act on them. And, of course, some know exactly what they want and can't wait to suck cock and fuck a babe at the same time. Whatever Your Bi Fantasy may be, chances are you'll see it satisfied here.

YourBiFantasy doesn't just give you bisexual porn, though. In fact, there's really not that much in the way of guy-on-guy-on-girl action. The bulk of the movies are Femdom scenes in which a chick talks down to the camera, explaining what she's going to force you to do once another man gets there.

There are also several pegging and insertion scenes. Then there are the vids where a commanding female pretending to be your lover explains what it's like to feel a cock in your ass and insists that you're going to love your first bi threeway. Finally, there are hardcore MMF threesomes that show the guys fucking each other just as much as they fuck the woman.

The content isn't completely exclusive. I spotted several scenes watermarked with sitenames from outside the network (but still owned by the same company), as well as vids from elsewhere. This may explain the variety of scenes as well as shine a light on why the quality varies greatly. The largest MP4 option is labeled HD, but most scenes are either good or average in quality.


source - RabbitReviews.com

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February 06

FULL Video! Bi Cuckold!

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February 05

Prepare that Asshole for Some Fat Cock Tonight!

You've always wondered what it would be like to have some bisexual fun, right? Well, today's your lucky day: that's exactly what's going to happen.

Oh man, she's really hot and this other dude is a piece of work too. I love the fact that he's big and strong: makes it feel like we're really going to go at it. It seems like we'll start off slow with some classic double penetration, but I really want to have my chance to take this dude's cock and he seems interested in that idea too.

Want more? Check it here.

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February 03

Bisexual Threesome! Martin and Jackie Sandwich Cain!

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